Design Philosophy
The goal of a good garden design is to create a beautiful, private and sustainable garden. A great design brings together function, form, and beauty. Beneath all of this, the invisible underlying grid of strong architectural lines is the backbone of it all, pulling the elements together. The icing on the cake is the planting combination that enhances the garden so it will look striking all year round.

Without a good structure a garden is not cohesive and will not appear finished. I bring a specific flavor to the design having grown up in the Netherlands. I have also traveled extensively and visited many gardens in the USA, Europe, and Asia. I use the gardens I have visited in my travels as inspirations for all future projects. With my background in Europe, and training in the USA, European Garden Design is a multi-cultural enterprise that blends old and new world elements together seamlessly to create stunning landscapes.

The garden designs evolve from an understanding and sensitivity to the clients needs. A garden is never a finished product, but will need maintenance, fine-tuning and lots of love. I am available to help you discover all the ways to sustain your garden for years to come.